Toronto & Niagara ...Back
There are arches that stretch across a shallow fountain/pond outside City Hall. This moose is on a diving board atop one of the arches contemplating the jump. What makes it even odder is the fact that the fountian/pond was dry this time of year so it appears to be more of an attempted suicide than a diver.
diver.jpg A somewhat surreal picture of the same suicidal moose outside city hall.
parliament.jpg The Toronto Parliament building
South of the CN Tower by the water front, there is a stone sculpture that looks like something imported from Stonehenge. According to a part-American Indian lady who was sitting near the sculpture, it has 'healing power' for those who are around it.
There is a glass floor in part of the CN Tower. You can tell yourself all day long that it is strong enough to support your weight...but it's still a strange sensation stepping onto glass above a several-hundred foot drop. glassfloor.jpg
rainbow.jpg The rainbow really came out well in this picture.
A beautiful panoramic view of the Niagara Falls
A panoramic night scene of the Toronto skyline night.jpg
This is a sculpture that hangs on the side of the Toronto Blue Jays stadium. camera.jpg

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