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This well-known image of Seattle is called the 'Space Needle' and was built for the 1962 World's Fair
fountain.jpg This fountain is not too far from the Space Needle. The water spurts from the fountain in rythm to music that is played from speakers placed all around. I visited on a beautiful day and there were several children playing in the water and sliding down the side of the fountain on plastic lunch trays.
fountain3.jpg Here's a close-up of the fountain with the kids dancing around it.
puppet.jpg This puppeteer was standing at the base of the Space Needle entertaining the passing tourists. The part I found to be the most entertaining was the guy sitting behind him watching the show.
singers.jpg I found these street performers standing outside a Starbucks. It looked like something that would be found in Louisiana.
fishmarket.jpg In the heart of the Pike Place Market is this fish market. When customers order a fish the employees put on a show by tossing it over everyone's heads to the guys behind the counter. Signs hang on the walls stating "Caution: Low Flying Fish"
pianoguy.jpg This street entertainer wheeled an entire pianno out to a street corner in the Pike Place Market.

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