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Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower at night
eif_aja.jpg Adam, me, and Anurag at the base of the Eiffel Tower at night
jenn_eif.jpg Night shot of Jenn with the Eiffel Tower in the background
seine.jpg Picture of the tower taken from on the Seine
usontower.jpg Jenn and me at the top of the tower with my neighborhood in the background
y2k.jpg When the countdown finally hit double-digits
Year 2000 Celebration
ourview.jpg Jenn and me with our incredible view for the fireworks. We showed up 6 hours early to secure our prime realestate. police.jpg Hundreds of French police officers marching to take their positions before the festivities
crowd.jpg Showing up as early as we did sure paid off. We were first in lign right up against the Seine with nobody in front of us. However, here is one angle of the five million people standing behind us. broken.jpg After some 3 years of counting down to the new century the clock on the Eiffel tower broke with 5 hours remaining
explosion1.jpg The fourth picture in the series above explosion2.jpg The last picture in the series above
explosion3.jpg The fifth picture in the series above 2000.jpg Several minutes after all the fireworks, the countdown clock on the tower came back on displaying "AN 2000" (AN being the French word for year)
eify2k.jpg Me and Jenn with the 2000 on the tower in the background ouch2.jpg One toast too many
ouch.jpg Some people weren't quite so happy towards the end of the night
Arc de Triomphe
Jenn on top of the Arc. The bright road to the right leads to La Defense where I work. The road two to the left leads to my studio.
arcatnight.jpg Beautiful shot of the Arc at night spiral.jpg Looking up the spiral staircase inside the Arc. Jenn is peering over the rail.
usarc.jpg Jenn and me on top of the arc with the Eiffel Tower in the background moonhold.jpg Jenn holding on to the moon
champs.jpg The Champs Elyssee lit with the holiday lights
My Home
Looking into my studio from the balcony
front.jpg The front of my apartment complex home2.jpg View inside my studio out the balcony
elevator.jpg Me, my Dad, my Aunt Billie, my Mom, and Jenn all squeezed in my elevator. homeview.jpg View off my balcony
kitchen.jpg It's not huge, but it serves the purpose. streetend.jpg View of the Eiffel tower from the end of my street
The catacombs
catacombs.jpg Adam, me, and Anurag beside a wall of bones cross.jpg A cross of skulls in a wall of bones
adam.jpg Big Adam walking through little underground tunnel wall.jpg Humbling wall of bones
aja.jpg Adam, me, and Anurag in the tunnels leading to the catacombs aja2.jpg Adam, me, and Anurag kneeling in front of another wall of bones
mort.jpg Me laying on a pedestal skull2.jpg Close-up of one of the skulls
skull.jpg Another close-up of one of the skulls ja_bones.jpg Me and Anurag sitting in the catacombs
Sacre Coeur
Anurag, Adam and me standing on the stairs leading up to Sacre Coeur
family.jpg My family sitting on a bench
sac.jpg My family and me in front of the church
winecafe.jpg Me, my Dad, my Mom, my Aunt Billie, Jenn, Erika, and Jenna all drinking the Beaujolais Nouveau in a cafe near Sacre Coeur
Notre Dame
Kristin and me standing out front of the Notre Dame cathedral
kcandles.jpg Kristin blowing out other people's prayer candles
xseine.jpg The cathedral from across the Seine River
La Defense
View from sitting at my desk in La Defense. The hollow building is named La Grande Arch.
skyline.jpg Skyline of La Defense taken from the top of La Grande Arch. My office is the second building on the left.
Around Paris
Me with the perfect Parisian Christmas tree
kjseine.jpg Kristin and me next to the Seine
chef.jpg Helge preparing dinner for Pierre and me
ingrave.jpg I stuck my camera in a hole of a grave in Pere Lachaise cemitery and this is what came out
potwoman.jpg When I saw this classy-looking lady on the metro and noticed she had gold-plated marijuana leaf hanging around her neck...I had to snap a shot for proof
sewer.jpg The Parisian Sewers wine.jpg My family and me at another cafe
church.jpg I took this picture of a ghost in a church next to my studio crazy.jpg Sometimes the panhandlers get creative attracting attention for money. This one set up a moc concert with a grand conclusion of whacking a bananna.
passe.jpg Quite an interesting movie advertisement
nouveau.jpg More Boujolais Nouveau
bar.jpg Me with my family in a bar in St. Michelle drinking more Boujolais Nouveau keustache.jpg Kristin in front of St. Eustache Cathedral

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