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D-Day Beaches

The American Cemetery at St. Laurent located overlooking Omaha Beach. 9400 soldiers are burried here.
driving.jpg Anurag and I were so proud of our not-so-sporty Opel Corsa -- named "Blueby" for obvious reasons oops.jpg After taking Blueby on an off-road expidition across the cliffs of Omaha Beach, she came down with...well...technical difficulties
bunker.jpg Several of the bunkers were left over from D-Day still remain on the beaches of Normandy indiana.jpg Getting inside this bunker was no easy feat. The main compartment was flooded and forced us to be creative to not fall in the water.
inside.jpg Very eerie standing inside one of the bunkers that was shooting at the American soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy.
Mont St. Michel
One of the top four pilgrimage sites in Christendom since A.D. 708. An absolutely beautiful church perched atop a small island hill with a small surrounding village and fortress wall enclosing it all. The tide around the island rises 50 feet and rushes in at around 12 miles per hour. At high tide, the parking lot and entrance to the city is under water.
tide.jpg This wooden walkway leads to the entrance of the city walls. About 10 minutes after this picture was taken, where I am standing was completely under water.
hamster.jpg Six men at a time would use this wheel "hamster-style" to raise the heavy blocks and supplies used to build the abby up the hill,

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