New Zealand
A picture of Taihape. These rolling green hills dotted with sheep are everywhere.
One weekend I put about 1400 kilometers on a rental
car driving all over the north island. This is a picture across
some sheep pastures to Mount Ruapehu. Interestingly, there
are more sheep in New Zealand than there are people.
At the base of Whakapapa ski area, I
hiked through the brush to this waterfall
The boat docks in Wellington with several of the homes up on the hill
Outside Rotorua is a park that has several
active sulfer pits. I am amazed at how many
different landscapes New Zealand has to offer.
I took a detour and spent several hours driving along the Wanganui river.
This unsuspecting cow outside of the town of Jerusalem wasn't quite sure
of what to make of me
This is the river along which the River Anduin was shot for the filming of the Lord of the Rings.
Couldn't resist a little bungy jumping in Taupo
Here's a view of the Taupo Bungy
location from a different angle
The America's Cup was going on in Auckland while I was there.
The Oracle Team boat
from the United States.
The world's first public viewing of Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers was in
Wellington, which happened to be where I was staying. The show started at midnight,
which was 5am the previous day in the US. A friend was able to get tickets. We were
served cappuccinos and sundaes while we watched the movie from our recliner chairs.
I planned to make a left in the small town of Pipriki.
However, once I rounded the corner it became a staring
contest between one of me and 50 thousand of them.
They won. I turned right.

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