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For lunch one day we took a cruise on an old steamboat. They served a cajun meal and had a live jazz band playing the whole way. The boat went up and down the Mississippi river and certain parts of the boat had a narrator explaining the sights on either side of the boat.
rice.jpg On a walking tour through the Garden District, we passed Ann Rice's house. This is a picture of her limo in front of her house.
This guy sat in the middle of a street without traffic to play his guitar.
bourbonhouse.jpg One of the bars on Bourbon Street streetcorner.jpg This is the same guy as above playing the guitar.
    buggy.jpg Buggy-riding Shriners in the Italian-American parade.
tiedown.jpg I guess it's probably a normal thing to do, but I found it comical that this girl on a parade float was tied down. Probably could have been much funnier had she not been.
shadow.jpg A shadow on the side of a church
Lafayette No. 1 Cemetery on Washington Street. This is the cemetery where a scene from An Interview With a Vampire was filmed. Since most of New Orleans is below sea level, the graves are all above ground. After a year and a day, the heat causes the bodies to turn to ash. The tombs are then re-opened and other bodies are put in to go through the same process.
A house we passed in the garden district
stump.jpg I thought this was interesting. A tree branch had grown around one of the power lines. When the tree was cut down, they had to leave a section of the branch.

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