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Ponte Vecchio. Used to be inhabited by butchers and tanners who would use the river below for their waste. Because of the mess and smell it made, they were all replaced by jewelers in 1593. It's the only bridge in Florence to survive WWII.
david.jpg Michelangelo's David. A bit larger than I had expected. duomo.jpg Duomo - Santa Maria del Fiore. Europe's fourth largest church.
kensview.jpg Stayed with a colleague of mine (Ken Brickley) while in Florence. This picture was taken from the multi-level terrace of his incredible apartment. toe.jpg Michaelangelo's David was recently vandalized when a loony local decided to take a hammer to his toe. Fortunately the museum was able to search each of the visiting tourists, recover all of the peices, and put it back together.
panoramic.jpg Panoramic view of Florence from the top of the Duomo's dome mike.jpg Tomb of Michelangelo located in the church, Santa Croce
Jenn and me in front of the coliseum. Built in 72 AD to house deadly gladiatorial combats, much of the stadium has been stripped in order to build other buildings in Rome.
colosseo.jpg A great panoramic view inside the stadium. The center area was actually tunnels under a wooden floor. The area was sometimes flooded in order to house naval battles. spanishsteps.jpg The Spanish Steps. Charles Dickens claimed the steps to be crowded with models dressed as Madonnas, saints, and emperors. They all pretty much looked like tourists to me.
battleground.jpg Another view of the inside of the Coliseum. invatican.jpg Me standing inside St. Peter's Cathedral in the Vatican City.
forum.jpg Jenn and me with the Roman Forum behind us. constantine2.jpg Looking at the Arch of Constantine from inside the Coliseum
mummy.jpg An Egyptian mummy inside the Vatican Museum memummy.jpg My impersonation of an Egyptian mummy inside the Vatican Museum
dblhelix.jpg The staircase in the Vatican Museum in the form of a double helix. It consists of two spirals: one to walk up and another to walk down. That's me at the bottom. santangelo.jpg Castel Sant'Angelo. A place of safety for the Popes of the past. There is a corridor that links it to the Vatican Palace, providing an escape route for the Pope in times of danger.
vatican.jpg A panoramic shot of Jenn and me in the Piazza San Pietro in front of St. Peter's. meforum.jpg Me standing in front of the Roman Forum
The Baptistery, Duomo, and Leaning Tower. support.jpg The Leaning Tower of Pisa now leans in excess of 5 meters. This contraption seems to be the latest Pisian remedy. It has cables strung from it to the Duomo trying to hold it up.
mysupport.jpg Thought I'd help the cause of trying to keep the tower from falling.
baptistery.jpg I actually wasn't too excited about the Baptistery but this picture turned out well so it is added to the page.
This guy didn't see it coming until it was too late. The people of Pompei were buried alive in ash from the erupting Mt. Vesuvius. When their bodies decayed over the years it left empty cavities in the hardened ground. This guy is what resulted when one of the cavities was filled wither plaster.
croucher.jpg This is another guy who got caught in the falling ashes. Apparently he did not want to get any up his nose. meonstreet.jpg Me standing on one of the many ancient streets in Pompei
deadhead.jpg Close up of the head of the guy in the picture shown above. You can see his teeth and parts of his scull.
A Venisian street
gondola.jpg A gondola floating through one of the canals
sighs.jpg The Bridge of Sighs which prisoners crossed on their way to jail
glassblower.jpg A highly pierced and tattooed glassblower doing his job
street.jpg Another canal
santamaria.jpg A church in Venice that is supported by over one million timber piles
Around Italy
I made a friend
onhead.jpg Not too sure about his winged Roman friend

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