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Adam and me in front of the Atomium. It's a larger-than-life (at least in the world in which I live) molecule withescqlqtors connecing the various atoms and a restaurant in the top. It was used in the1958 Universal Exhibition.
weirdguy.jpg This British Beafeater bore a striking resemblance to someone I know.
place.jpg The "King's House" with it's elaborate neo-Gothic architecture never actually was occupied by a King and is now a museum.
place_night.jpg The Hotel de Ville is the centerpiece of La Grand Place. Legend on this building says that the man who designed the building climbed to the top and jumped to his death after realizing that he built it with an uneven number of windows on each side of the spire. Not so sure about that one.
And then, of course, there is the quite unique Belgian monument...the Manneken-Pis. Yes, the name does give it a way. It is in fact a tiny 'manneken' of a boy taking probably guessed it. Legend has it that he was the son of a very rich inhabitant of the city long ago that either got lost or ran away from home. The father so loved his son that he vowed to make a monument of him wherever he found him -- doing whatever he was found doing. Well, just 5 minutes before being found he could have been doing something great like saving an onld lady from a crashing meteor... but as bad-luck would have it for him he was found in the process of relieving himself in the corner. So now there is a statue of him doing just that.
adam.jpg The 'Doctor' is in. Good 'ol Adam Frank with his continuous joyous smile
adampad.jpg Adam's apartment while on rotation in Brussels (that's before he got deported to London)
brianpatti.jpg Patti and her newly aquired fiance, Brian.
Adam, Rick, Patti, and I outside the Grasshopper bar downtown Brussels. This isn't the bar we went into that night...and I'm not quite sure why we took the picture...but here we are.
soldier.jpg Here we were in a park that was aimed primarily at the clientel of the child-tourist. Yet that did not stop the very large Adam from fitting into one of the touristy 'try me on and take a picture' displays.
biglips.jpg Either the fish in this town are over starved and therefore incredibly eager...or they are just way too friendly for their own good.
biglips.jpg This one was probably pretty angry about being given a frite-fork without the frite.

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