While in Brisbane I took a ferry down the Brisbane River to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Apparently, it's traumatic to a Koala for it to be held (ignore picture to the left) so the sanctuary rotates the koalas, only allowing them to be held for a total of 30 minutes every 4 days.
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane also had hundreds of kangaroos running around. Over time they have become quite accustomed to people walking around and will hop right up to you looking for handouts. This big guy didn��t look like he should be messed with��especially when he stood up and stared me straight in the eye. His talons are about as long as my fingers.
The Sydney skyline at night
as seen from the Harbour Bridge
In Sydney I made a "Bridge Climb" across the top of the Harbour Bridge. For a little over 100 bucks they fit you up in their special jumpsuits, a harness, and a radio earpiece. You attach your harness to the side of the bridge and walk up to the very top of the arch while a tour guide gives history of the city pointing things out across the horizon.
The Sydney Opera House
as seen from the
Harbour Bridge
This is one of the beggar
kangaroos that came up to
me looking for handouts
The Opera House at dusk
One of the Koala's up in a tree. It looked like someone had gone along to
some of the trees and just stuck little stuffed animals here and there.
Every now and then they'd actually move.
The AMP Tower is the highest observation deck in the whole of the southern hemisphere.
This kangaroo has a Joey
foot hanging out of its pouch
This kangaroo...well, this
kangaroo should wipe the
smirk off his face

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