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I waited here patiently until the glacier started to calve. Fortunately, it was warm out and we had the opportunity to see it calve several times. Some of the black marks in the water are seals resting on icebergs that are about to go for a ride in the wake of the breaking glacier.
glacierface.jpg Me standing in front of a glacier on the wildlife cruise I took with Lynette
reflection.jpg The face of a glacier where it meets the water
lynjef.jpg Lynette and me in on a wildlife cruise we took
glacier4.jpg I took a "flightseeing" tour with Jessica. This is where two of the glaciers we flew over converge
fishers.jpg Ryan and Jessica with their fishing poles
All decked out in the fishin' gear
fishboat.jpg This fish boat netted so many salmon that it can't pull the net into the boat. It is waiting for another boat to come by with a vacuum hose to suck the fish out of the water. fishfarm.jpg A salmon farm on an island in Prince William Sound. The barracks are inhabited by a few families who live there all year round with little contact with the mainland.
fishjumping.jpg There were so many salmon at this spot that you can see hundreds of them jumping all over the place guts.jpg Fish autopsy
lynette.jpg Fisherwoman, Lynette, with her prize catch of the day wading.jpg The water was bitter cold, but the waders kept me warm
Mount Marathon. Quite possibly the most challenging and exciting hike I have ever had. The path (if you can really call it that) is at such a steep angle that you are on all fours scaling to the top. The amazing part is the fact that the locals in the town of Seward have an anual race to the top and back.
hillside.jpg There is a road that drives along the coast of these mountains. It was there that we saw several balooga whales. mtmarathon.jpg Lynette, Devin, and me standing on Mt. Marathon in Seward.
wildlife.jpg We drove through Denali National Park looking for wildlife. I didn't see any at first. But when I hung my head out the window I came face-to-face with this beast. hiking.jpg Lynette, Jessica, and Ryan hiking Bird's Neck trail
jeffmoose.jpg Me and the moose. We found him eating from the bottom of a lake on one of our hikes. mooselake.jpg You can sort of see the moose wading in the water down below
devlynmoose.jpg Devin, Lynette, Eagle, and the moose
horizon.jpg A mountainscape in Denali
mtlake.jpg A view Lynette and I found on one of our hikes
waterfall.jpg A waterfall that we found at the base of Mount Marathon
closure.jpg One of the trails was closed due to bear sightings. That didn't stop Lynette and me, though, because we had bear-bait (aka. Eagle the beagle) mellomuncher.jpg Eagle trying to figure out what to make of the traditional campground food: the marshmello
Devin took me for a tour of the jets in his squadron. This is not his plane, but it is identical to the one he flies.
devname.jpg This is Devin's jet (F-15E). You can see his name written on the side.
devme.jpg Devin and me standing beside his jet
behindjet.jpg Devin and Lynette standing behind his jet
f15.jpg A picture of Devin flying. It's a bit blury since it was moving so quickly.
devlyn.jpg Devin and Lynette sitting on the ladder of Devin's jet
onback.jpg Me standing on the back end of one of the F-15s
waterplane.jpg Jessica and I took a "flightseeing" tour of the Alaskan glaciers and mountain ranges. This plane is the same type in which we flew. inplane.jpg Me sitting in the back end of an F-15
We went out to the firing range to shoot off some rounds in Devin's new 338 that he bought to hunt caribou
outwindow.jpg This was supposed to be me in the plane with the mountains in the background...well, at least the 'me' part came out. sim1.jpg Ryan and Jessica in the F-15 flight simulator. We spent a morning playing this oversized video game -- and let's just say that it's to bad real planes can't fly through buildings or bounce off the ground.
oncruise.jpg Lynette and me on the wildlife cruise. We couldn't have asked for a better day. jessandme.jpg Jessica and me sitting on the pontoon of the plane we took for our tour

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